Back to School!

Term Restarts

So Christmas and New Year was amazing, so great to those relatives you only see once a year!

But honestly it was great to spend a lot of time with old friends and family having some great food and drink and for the first time in ages I had no exams to prepare for in January, which was a great relief, however I still had some really important pieces of coursework to complete.

I was very excited to go back to university and my studies.The first week was great to see everyone again and it was nice to slowly drift back into work mode.January is not normally everyone’s favorite month of the year, the weather is normally awful and everyone is on a bit of a low after fun Decembers!

For me January was quite eventful, my football team won our league, which we had been playing in for over 4 months! And it was my mothers 60th birthday aswell so as a family we enjoyed a great excursion to Paris for 3 nights!


Food for Thought.

After compiling our group thoughts and the dragons feedback we have already made slight changes to our product and have several new ideas and components for our product up our sleeve you will have to wait and see! Over the Chritmas period I will be continually thinking of ways in which this product can be improved and how we can make it fulfil it’s huge potential!

Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year from Team Veles!

Enter the Dragon!

I have seen the show and I have to admit that I was pretty intimidated going into the den! The majority of the day was spent rehearsing and tweaking our presentation and individual pieces.

We got drawn to be one of the last teams to present, as the groups began presenting I was getting more and more nervous thinking I was going to mess up my own part, I had to do the introductions aswell!Over time however the nerves began to slightly fade, not sure if it was because I was getting used to them or if it was just my teammates making me feel more comfortable, I have to say we are a confident bunch!

The pitch finished and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I was really happy because I felt it went all and the team agreed. We received positive feedback from the judges but also some constructive criticism and several questions that needed to be answered in the future! One of the key things they pointed out was that we needed to focus on social media in order to heighten are brand awareness.

This day summed up the whole semester of the design a business module. So far the module I feel has improved me a lot as a person in several key areas, it has made me more confident by putting me into several uncomfortable and unexpected scenarios like public speaking, it has taught me to always expect the unexpected one minute your listening to a lecturer the next your presenting your thoughts in front of the class!

I have also benefited greatly from being part of a team and working together I feel like I have become much more of a team player and much more confident when expressing my ideas not fearing if people will like them or not!

team veles





Drastic Changes!

We thought we had made the perfect prototype!

We had a meeting with Corrine our lecturer in order for us to present our idea and product to her in order for her to give us feedback and constructive criticism in time for our Dragons Den presentation, it was the the first time we were showing off our product to someone not part of team Veles and the juices were flowing!

In turns out Corrine’s feedback was crucial, she told us that we needed to construct about 50 prototypes before coming to the right one! We were shocked we had made about 4, Corrine also pointed out several flaws with our product that we thought we could get around in the manufacturing process but we couldn’t!

So it was time for a change…

Prototyping was hard as you can see from the photos below these are some of our conquests!

Veles 1 Veles 2. veles 3


We all met up in café nero tucked away in the basement of the bentalls centre, Our plan for the evening was to devise how are sketchbook would work, how it would be made, what the price and name of it would be etc…

We established key roles within the team to helps us acheive these goals. I was head of marketing, Eric head of sales, Asia head of Human resources, Alisa head of finance and Jason are managing director.

We had to make a prototype of the product in order to be ready for the Dragons Den presentation.

I somehow came up with the idea of lining the inside cover of the book with Velcro and attaching Velcro to the pens and pencils in order for them to stick to the cover. Im not sure how I came to this idea, I think being surrounded by so much creativity in the last 2 months sparked my creative gene!

The girls were pondering about the name for a while, when suddenly they thought about the link between the Russian god of art and our book, the god was called Veles and so was our product!!!

The girls also had a great idea based upon Alisa’s contacts with Calvert 22 a Russian art foundation company that look to create projects and partnerships focused on on the contemporary art and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. They both thought that are product may offer Calvery an opportunity to collaborate with students on an art venture and possibly help us with the manufacturing process!

I remember thinking to myself after this sessions how inspired I was by my colleagues creativity and ideas, it was great to see 4 other people expressing their ideas, and it made me think that in order for a team to be successful everyone has to have different strengths ideas and beliefs and it’s about culminating each persons key thoughts and then everyone bouncing ideas off each other.

Lightbulb Moment!

I was beginning to get to know the people in my group better and better as we spent more and more time communicating over social media and are infamous whats app group!

Out of the blue Jason sent his idea to us on the whats app group and everyone almost in unison loved it!We decided to meet up the next day wereby Jason would reveal his masterplan.

Jason had thought up a brilliant idea, it was to be a Sketchbook that held all the necessary utensils needed for an artist within it’s front cover!

Design a Business Time!

I was finding the Design a Business module very creative and inspiring, it was different to the other modules that im studying including the ones in my undergraduate degree, I found it more practical, sociable and creative.Straight away we bonded well as a team, there was a great combination of ideas. We began by throwing lots of different ideas into the mix. Some were hilariously bad and some just bad!

We ultimately decided to target the student market, as we felt we could tap into this market quite easily in terms of research feedback and marketing.

However we still needed a product! And after few hours we still didn’t have a concrete idea, we only had a few possibilities…