Trade Fair 2

So the time had come for our second trade fair! Our second chance to show off our product Veles to the public, the location had changed to the Penryn road campus which hopefully would provide us with more foot fall than the business school at the Kingston Hill campus.

We arrived at around at 1pm and we set up our stall, which happened to be outside this time! There were definitely more stalls with students showing off their products than the previous trade fair. The fair also had stalls selling food and drink, which attracted more people to the square.

Once again our product was attracting lots of attention, however there were more students and a younger crowd this time around. The students seemed very interested in our product, many of them asking questions and telling us that we had made a great product that they could see a lot of uses for. However the majority of them were put off by our price of £15. In hindsight we should have probably cut them a student deal and maybe we would have sold more products.

However we did end up selling 5 products, which I thought was a success.

After 2/3 hours of having our stall outside we moved to a room inside the university building were we set up our stall for about an hour before the presentations and speeches begun, some of these talks were really inspirational and it was great to hear entrepreneurs talk about their life stories and successes.

Overall they day was again a success for our team and our product Veles, it was great to take part in such a fun and insightful day.



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