Trade Fair 1!!!

So in the middle of January we had our first trade fair of the year, the trade fair was our first opportunity to show off our product and hopefully make some sales!

We had to set up our own stall and as a group each of us tried to entice people into our space with happy smiles and sweets!

The foyer was full of all the other teams and different entrepreneurs and the atmosphere was great. We had a lot of interest from different people throughout the day whether it was other students, professors and other entrepreneurs. We received a lot of positive feedback, better than I thought we would to be honest and we also had some great ideas from several people in how we could improve our product in terms of functionality and marketing.

We ended up selling 2 products on that day and the people who bought them seemed very very keen! The trade fair I found very interesting and a little bit challenging. At first it was a little intimidating talking to random people about the product, but as time went on it became easier and I believe my passion and knowledge for our product shone through.

Overall the day went really well, we got some great feedback and even sold 2 items, but above all it was a great experience and I learnt a lot in terms of talking to potential buyers and interested people!

Our Team Veles 1.

Our Advert 2.


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