There is no I in Team

I really wanted to make a post on this as I felt it was key to our team and hopefully our product becoming successful.As time went on we were spending much more time together as a team, completing more and more jobs and pieces of work. I felt that our team chemistry was becoming really healthy and happy. Everyone got on really well and we worked really well as a team.

I felt that all my team members had different strengths and collectively our combined input and unselfish attitude made our team tick really well.No ideas or moments of creativity were shot down and everyone’s views were respected and sometimes laughed at, but in a good way.

It was great working with a group of people that were so open minded and easy to bounce ideas off, at no point did I feel that someone was trying to steal the limelight and take extra credit for something that they had even come up with, it was a collective effort for everyone!

This whole experience taught me that if as a team you all get on well, your productivity and creativity can really improve and can feel more natural.

It also taught me you do not necessarily need an out and out leader in your team for your team to be successful and get to keep everyone focused going forward.


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