Hollywood Time!!!

So after the trade fair and all that jazz. We had to create our very own marketing video in order to promote our amazing product Veles!

So Alisa, Asia, Eric and myself all went up to the National Gallery in London as this is were we had decided our advertisement would be shot!

I remember this daily really well, mainly because it was literally pouring it down with rain the whole day and I arrived soaking wet due to myself not having an umbrella, and stupidly whilst walking from Charing Cross station to the National gallery I was thinking to myself I wish we had created a sketchbook with a built in umbrella or something like that!

I had not been to the gallery for over 5 years and upon entering I remembered how beautiful and busy it was! As a team we managed to find a small room with some magnificent paintings in that was much more quiet than 99% of the Gallery, after having a small talk with some of the Gallery staff they said it was ok for us to shoot our advert in this elegant room so we had our stage!

As a team we choreographed the advert I thought really well and after a few funny bloopers and terrible acting we had created our final masterpiece! Eric and Asia were they two main actors and Alisa and I were the directors and producers!

Below was our final advert!


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