Back to School!

Term Restarts

So Christmas and New Year was amazing, so great to those relatives you only see once a year!

But honestly it was great to spend a lot of time with old friends and family having some great food and drink and for the first time in ages I had no exams to prepare for in January, which was a great relief, however I still had some really important pieces of coursework to complete.

I was very excited to go back to university and my studies.The first week was great to see everyone again and it was nice to slowly drift back into work mode.January is not normally everyone’s favorite month of the year, the weather is normally awful and everyone is on a bit of a low after fun Decembers!

For me January was quite eventful, my football team won our league, which we had been playing in for over 4 months! And it was my mothers 60th birthday aswell so as a family we enjoyed a great excursion to Paris for 3 nights!


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