We all met up in café nero tucked away in the basement of the bentalls centre, Our plan for the evening was to devise how are sketchbook would work, how it would be made, what the price and name of it would be etc…

We established key roles within the team to helps us acheive these goals. I was head of marketing, Eric head of sales, Asia head of Human resources, Alisa head of finance and Jason are managing director.

We had to make a prototype of the product in order to be ready for the Dragons Den presentation.

I somehow came up with the idea of lining the inside cover of the book with Velcro and attaching Velcro to the pens and pencils in order for them to stick to the cover. Im not sure how I came to this idea, I think being surrounded by so much creativity in the last 2 months sparked my creative gene!

The girls were pondering about the name for a while, when suddenly they thought about the link between the Russian god of art and our book, the god was called Veles and so was our product!!!

The girls also had a great idea based upon Alisa’s contacts with Calvert 22 a Russian art foundation company that look to create projects and partnerships focused on on the contemporary art and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. They both thought that are product may offer Calvery an opportunity to collaborate with students on an art venture and possibly help us with the manufacturing process!

I remember thinking to myself after this sessions how inspired I was by my colleagues creativity and ideas, it was great to see 4 other people expressing their ideas, and it made me think that in order for a team to be successful everyone has to have different strengths ideas and beliefs and it’s about culminating each persons key thoughts and then everyone bouncing ideas off each other.


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