Enter the Dragon!

I have seen the show and I have to admit that I was pretty intimidated going into the den! The majority of the day was spent rehearsing and tweaking our presentation and individual pieces.

We got drawn to be one of the last teams to present, as the groups began presenting I was getting more and more nervous thinking I was going to mess up my own part, I had to do the introductions aswell!Over time however the nerves began to slightly fade, not sure if it was because I was getting used to them or if it was just my teammates making me feel more comfortable, I have to say we are a confident bunch!

The pitch finished and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I was really happy because I felt it went all and the team agreed. We received positive feedback from the judges but also some constructive criticism and several questions that needed to be answered in the future! One of the key things they pointed out was that we needed to focus on social media in order to heighten are brand awareness.

This day summed up the whole semester of the design a business module. So far the module I feel has improved me a lot as a person in several key areas, it has made me more confident by putting me into several uncomfortable and unexpected scenarios like public speaking, it has taught me to always expect the unexpected one minute your listening to a lecturer the next your presenting your thoughts in front of the class!

I have also benefited greatly from being part of a team and working together I feel like I have become much more of a team player and much more confident when expressing my ideas not fearing if people will like them or not!

team veles






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