Know Your Lemons.

Our first task was group work, we were given an assignment that consisted of creating a video campaign in order to raise awareness on breast cancer. This was also to draw more attention to the website

We had to find groups of 3 in order to create this video, as i was knew to the class i only knew a handful of people, i was fortunate enough to find two great guys in Amro and Renzo in order to complete this assignment.

After talking with the guys and brainstorming we decided to go with a funny and amusing type of video in order to raise awareness based on a key figure called Dr.Lemons.

I had the privilege of acting as Dr.Lemons and the video consisted of me describing the symptoms and causes of breast cancer with amro and renzo adding their parts along with them both biting into a lemon at the end, encouraging others to do the same and donate.

Here is the video below. Enjoy!


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